For 10 years we’ve been publishing The Climbing Zine. We started off with print runs of 100, then 500, then 1,000, and now these days we are at 10,000 per issue. As we’ve grown the interest in our old zines as collector’s items. Those have since sold out and now The Royal We has been left with a conundrum: reprint the old ones and risk their collector status, or simply let the stories fade into lore. And then, the idea appeared: take the best stories from The Climbing Zine’s that are out of print, and turn them into a book. 

To celebrate 10 years and to deliver you all a great book, we are releasing The Climbing Zine Book. The essays are our favorites from Volume 1-11. 

This will be a hardcover book, something we aim to publish to be on that first row of your bookshelf, or in your van library, or a top your porcelain throne in the bathroom. Wherever you put your most valuable books we want to be in that place – and we think these stories are worthy! 

NOTE: we just added a $40 option to get a signed copy by Jimmie Dunn, who is featured on the cover.

Here’s the link to check it out: