Who is Luke Mehall?

Luke Mehall lives in Durango, Colorado. He is the publisher of The Climbing Zine, an independent print publication and website, and he is the author of American Climber, The Great American DirtbagsClimbing Out of Bed, and Graduating From College Me.

Luke enjoys climbing, sleeping in tents, hip-hop, yoga, and uninterrupted mornings of writing. He also loves hearing from readers and can be contacted at luke@climbingzine.com.

Publishing Credits and Other Applicable Credentials

Mehall has been featured in the following publications: The Alpinist, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice, The Climbing Zine, Mountain Gazette, Utah Adventure Journal, Crested Butte Magazine, Durango Telegraph, Crested Butte News, Crested Butte Weekly, Gunnison Country Magazine, and Gunnison Country Times.

He has recorded podcasts with the Dirtbag Diaries and The Enormocast.