Do only writers cry when a writer dies?

Do only musicians cry when a guitar player dies?

Do only climbers cry when a climber dies?

Lately I’ve cried from my eyes when people

I don’t know die

And lately there’s been a lot of them

I’m a poet


I’ve never written any poems

They all write themselves


Just like the tears

Spilled into beers


My heroes are leaving

And by leaving, giving


I must prepare my weapons

Prepare my pens

To begin again


Don’t say

I wasn’t made

By the red, white and blue


The Grateful Dead

That’s right Daddy-O

I’m back on my Kerouac


Gimme that rucksack


And a fat sack


Don’t dominate the rap jack

If you got nothing new to say


It’s a brand new day


This whole world gets so fucking petty

And we just lost Tom fucking Petty


Those who get the gift

Also seem to get the drugs


I’m on my

One hitter quitter

But fuck the drugs

The world needs more hugs


The world needs more Princes

And Hayden Kennedys


Cried for that dude too

Both of those dudes


Prince gave us purple rain,

Rasberry berets and pancakes

And Hayden showed us grades don’t matter

But only love and heart matters


I’ll probably never step to his lines

But I can show some token of thanks in lines


Give me time

I’ll do it all


Well I won’t

But whatever

Is driving

This poetry



We all get born into the world in one way

But we get born another way from the art we parlay

Reading, writing, climbing, singing, painting

Give us another chance at life

Another chance to believe in life in this

World of strife


Write your poetry

Even if it only gets one like

Life’s like this great happen chance

Of circumstance


And you.

You are here.

To inspire

Someone else.